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A Charming Hotel in Alsace

Nested amid the fields of green and fresh fruit orchards of Rathsamhausen, stands a large house bursting with character and charm. ‘Les Pres D’Ondine’ is an entirely restored house that boasts a beautiful wooden Jacuzzi and sauna, a relaxing and luscious outdoor space and a cosy Lounge-Bar seating area. Moreover, this house is full of personality and tradition, which makes it so unique. The hotel has twelve delightful rooms and a homey dining room. The hosts, Stephane and Catherine, welcome you warm heartedly and are eager to make your stay, whether it be business or pleasure, as enjoyable and memorable as possible. 

I travel a lot and can say that I saw almost everything what a hotel can be, so : the interior - makes you feel like... I can not describe it in one sentence - Your imagination will go wild! And really really cosy! Really nice to have sauna and a hot tub! Excellent food! Value/money ratio is outstanding. I can not imagine how someone would give a negative feedback for such a place...
— Trier, Germany

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