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Where to go and What to see...

Le Ried
Les Pres d'Ondine is situated in Rathsamhausen, Alsace, which in turn is nicknamed 'Le Grand Ried'. Ried comes from the German 'rite' meaning 'reed'. The area is made up of prairies, forests and ditches which prevent the passing river from flooding. 

Rathsamhausen was a fishing district where one would go to trade and sell fish, wine, gravel and other riches transported along the river. This area sits right next to the river; l'Ill and is surrounded by forests, fields and orchards. Rathsamhausen is minutes away from Selestat, 20 minutes from Colmar and 30 minutes from Strasbourg. 

Performances and Entertainment


Le Musée Unterlinden
The unterlinden Museum is a space that lays down 7000 years of History, ranging from prehistoric times to 20th century Art. The museum has recently undergone great renovations which make the space incredibly enjoyable to visit and walk through. It stands proudly in the heart of Colmar which in turn is a beautiful and whimsical town to visit.

Musée d'Art Moderne Strasbourg
The museum of modern art was inaugurated in 1998. It can be found in the historical area of Strasbourg. The museum offers many wings such as; The exhibition space, permanent collections, graphics and photography , educational centre, library, auditorium as well as a restaurant and gift shop.

Musée du Rohan Strasbourg
The Rohan palace can be found in the city centre of Strasbourg in the Bas-Rhin, next to the cathedral. It is home to three museums, the museum of decorative arts, the fine art museum and the museum of archaeology. It is renowned as a historic building since the 20th january 1920.

Musée de L'Oeuvre Notre Dame
The museum of l'Oeuvre Notre-Dame is a Strasbourg museum which proposes a walk through seven centuries of art. Its rich medieval and Renaissance collections document the city's prestigious past as one of the most important artistic enters in the Germanic Empire from the 13th -16th century.

Bibliothèque Humaniste Sélestat
The humanist library is situated in Alsace in the commune of Selestat. The library is home to a large collection of ancient books which attract researchers from all areas of Europe and the World.

Musée Würth in Erstein

Musée de l’impression sur Étoffes à Mulhouse

Musée du Papier Peint
Are you in the mood to take a mythological walk or a romantic stroll and a military march? Then you will truly enjoy the museum of wall paper of Rixheim. Here you will see the precious papers, the machines created to make these papers, the archives and the spaces where these designs where featured.

L'Écomusee d'Alsace
The ecomuseum of Alsace unites 70 wooden beamed houses which were taken from their original villages in order to preserve and save them from modernisation and deconstruction. Enjoy a unique experience where you will be plunged in traditional Alsacien life and customs. You will see farmers and artisans inhabiting the space and demonstrating what life was like in Alsace.

Maison du Pain
This is a true insight into the world of bread. The objective of the museum is to teach and display all sorts of breads and truly highlight and inspire the true art form in this career.

Cité de l'Automobile
Come and admire the Royal Bugattis, the Rolls Royces and the Ferraris in this beautiful museum dedicated entirely to automobiles. Discover the cars that marked history. You will also be presented with animations, videos, simulations, gift shops and games!

Indoor & Outdoor Activities 

La Route des Vins d'Alsace
The Alsace wine route is certainly picturesque. The rows of vines are perfectly aligned and lead up to the Vosges mountains. Along the way, you will discover the small surrounding villages bursting with charm and character, the regions romanesque churches, the remains of the historic medieval castles, the cosy and authentic winstubs (breweries), of course, the wine cellars and the traditional small boutiques.

The Fortress of Haut-Koenigsbourg
The fortress of Haut Koenigsbourg is a castle in the Vosges Mountains to the west of Selestat. Its original date of construction is unknown, however it has been rebuilt several times throughout history. It was strategically built on top of the rocky mountain, reigning over the plaines and fields. Today it has been fully restored for tourists to visit. It offers a rich historical background and breathtaking views.

La Volerie des Aigles
Translates as the flying ground of the eagles, is an open air park situated in Kintzheim, Alsace. This park offers you a unique opportunity and experience of getting close to the birds (eagles, vultures, buzzards, Andean condors) This is an extraordinary chance to see the worlds largest birds of prey flying over the ruins of the Kintzheim Castle.

La Montagne des Singes
Translated as the Mountain of Monkeys. The park is situated on top of the Vosges mountain and is home to 300 wild apes from all over the world. The park is a safe and secure space for them and allows them to roam freely amongst the people. At the door you will be given popcorn to feed them and you are sure to be amazed at how close you can get.

La Maison de la nature de Muttersholtz
This space is entirely dedicated to horticulture and environmental education. The organisation strives to contribute to sustainable development and alternative medicine. You will visit the gardens, where you will learn about the power of certain plants and their use throughout history.

Les bateliers du Ried

Based in Muttersholtz is Alsace, the boatman Ried is a professional player in ecotourism since 1996. Enjoy day outings on typical Alsacien wooden boats which will let you discover the region in a completely new light. The tours are guided and certainly interesting.

Les Canoés du Ried

L'Écurie de Grand Ried
The horse riding centre in the Haut Rhin, Alsace is a great space to learn how to ride, enjoy rides through the countryside. The centre welcomes all ages and levels of riding.

There are 27km of cycle lanes and cycle tracks in Selestat. You are welcome to rent bicycles as well as electric bikes for a day or half a day and take in the beautiful sites the region has to offer in a new way.

Tour guidé à travers le Ried
Accompanied by a guide, enjoy a guided tour through the Ried.

Marche dans les Vosges
There are more than 20 000km of land to cross by foot. If you are a walking enthusiast or a hiking junky, then the guided or organised walks through the mountains could be ideal for you.

Europapark is Europes largest theme park which boasts the best and highest rides. The park is situated on the cusp of the French|German border in Rust. Europapark is designed in an exciting way with the park split between 14 countries with each country having its themed rides. You can experience the water rides through Greece or the swinging ship in Portugal. The park is suitable for all ages from small children, teenagers and adults.

Golf d'Ammerschwihr et Kempferhof